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About The Artist

Kaile Dutton


Kaile Dutton is and Acrylic Abstract Expressionist originally hailing from Plymouth MA.  She is a Multi-passionate Entrepreneur and Multidimensional being. From singing, performing, fine art and design, to  her thriving healing business as a Master Multi-dimensional Energy Worker and Psychic Medium, she treats all her passions as life art.  “Love, Create, Transform”

She's a painter's painter meaning relying on old tried and true layering and traditional techniques.  Scumble, glazing, brushwork and layer upon layer of paint sometimes having up to 12 or more layers.  Other techniques include flow art, swipe and squeegee techniques with drip and using air brush to blow the paint into formations and shapes.

She reignited her passion for painting after becoming the lead in house Artist in Residence at Boda Borg Boston.  She was a leader on the original team that opened the first location in America.  There she painted murals, sculpted, and took care of a 30,000sq ft facility for interior painting and installations.   This is when she began exploring flow art and reignited wanting to be an artist for herself after a long career creating graphic design, branding and fine art as a production artist.

What is most unique about Kaile’s works that continue growing is her paintings are often channeled with healing messages or transformative energies so that those who engage with them have the opportunity to experience healing.  All of her work is an extension and expression of sentiments, emotions, and feelings based of  her life journey and her own personal need to heal trauma. Its extraordinary to tap into collectives and consciousness to heal and transform through a medium such as painting and then to have others experience their own as well. Her hope is that she can show the beauty of the relationship of what paint naturally does relationship wise with viscosity, and textural application allowing for emotional response from those who view and experience. 


She offers a great deal to those who wish to connect with her as a multi-passionate.


Other related art works include a pending trademark sculpted product the  “Pooka Sprites(TM)”  and high end brand design for small businesses that want a personal and intuitive visual voice that represents them and speaks volumes to their audience.


She currently resides in South Shore Massachusetts running her ownbusinesses as a solo practitioner for Energy Work and Transformational Sessions and Branding for the Spiritual Entrepreneur.   

To purchase Kaile's work, you can reach her at 617-785-0504 or email her directly at

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