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Craft Food Halls Philosophy


 What is Craft Food Halls?

Our Attraction Formula is what launches CFH beyond typical dining options; we are more than food.


To avoid menu fatigue, we have worked on understanding the facets of “Taste Shifting.” CFH’s Sousvide Spectrumization™ Program allows every guest to experience a 5 star cooking technique that not only elevates the taste of our dishes, but consistently inspires new food magic.

A guest eating a Sous Vide burger

The design of our food halls through our Dynamic Dimensionality™ Program,  further elevates both guest and tenant experiences. We know that every corner of a space offers an immense “Purpose Shifting” opportunity. Achieved through the creation of our Vibe Zones, Wellness Rooms, Dart Rooms and Conference Rooms  also shift into Private Event Areas.

Guests relaxing in comfortable chairs watching a band play live music

“Mood Shifting” happens whether guests and tenants are conscious of it or not. CFH takes an intentional approach by applying our Energy Intelligence™ Strategy. This part of the formula is what energizes the guests in our Beer Gardens or decompress tenants in our Wellness Lounges. We zero in on everyone’s approaches to a specific day of the week, a time of day or the environment around them, CFH tailors each experience to each Food Hall location.

Two women sitting in Adirondack chairs holding glasses of beer

CFH uses our expertise in “Taste Shifting, Purpose Shifting and Mood Shifting” to continuously walk in LOVE, create positive ENERGY for our guests and develop differentiated FOOD as the nation’s first Sous Vide Food Hall.



“what we do”

To represent love — both in hospitality and in life 


“where do we want to go”

Be the destination where guests feel themselves rooted in 


“what do we stand for”

People, Confident Expectations, Community, Health, Service, Excellence, Generosity, Teamwork, Multiply

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