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Kween Bee

CFH Tom Cat Gin | Charred Pineapple Infused Raw Honey Syrup| Lemon Juice

The Hazy

Gin| Lime Juice | Simple Syrup | Basil | Soda Water


Tequila | Orange Liqueur | Lime Juice | Blood Orange Puree | Simple Syrup

I'd Tap That

(Barrel Aged Cocktail)

Bully Boy Boston Rum | Bully Boy Rum Coop 3 and Bully Boy Amaro Rabarbaro | Grenadine | Lime Juice | Cinnamon

Apple Bottom Jeans

CFH Barrel Strength Rye Whiskey | Pommeau | Peychaud Bitters | Bacon Apple Maple Syrup | Absinthe

Boots with the Furs

Nantucket Cranberry Vodka | Lavender Liqueur | Lemon Juice | Red Bull Blue | Pop Rocks

Razzle Dazzle

Vodka | St. George Nola Coffee Liqueur | Raspberry Liqueur | Cold Brew | Sweet Vanilla Cold Foam

Stick it in Cider

(Self Serve from the Beer Wall)

Vanilla Vodka | Chai Liqueur | Lemon Juice | Apple Cider

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