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Project X Street Pizza

Juxtaposing “Old World'' simplicity with “New World” technique, Project X offers an entirely unique artisanal craft pizza experience.  


Some of the world’s most vibrant traditional and international flavor profiles are showcased on our proprietary, light and airy “peasant” style crust, using heritage ingredients.  The crust alone takes our chefs 65 hours to create with a “double biga” formulation for complexity in flavor and a delicate crumb while some of our ingredients are prepared with the French sous vide technique.

Everything starts and ends with our crust. By using a double big formulation and a 65-hour cold fermentation process, we are able to create a uniquely flavored and highly digestible dough. With that dough we utilize our proprietary production process to create a one of a kind crust, that is light as a feather, and unlike anything you have had before.  


Project X embraces the old and the new, the humble and the noble, the traditional and the novel, all in the form of a pizza unlike any you’ve ever had.

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